Jakarta Airport bus to city

Before considering taking any kind of road transportation, you should be aware of the daily traffic jams that suffer Jakarta. Even be one of the best ways to transfer to downtown, you can easily get stuck in a traffic jam, which means you’ll be in the road from 45 to 2 hours given the traffic conditions (especially during peak hours).

See below the available options to transfer by bus to Jakarta downtown:

DAMRI Airport bus

Get to Jakarta Airport to downtown from 40 to 80 minutes by the DAMRI Airport bus. The route is from Jakarta Airport to Gambir Station. It is an express bus.

For further destinations, please check out DAMRI bus website.

Opening hours: From 5:00 am to 00.00 am. Frequency: 15 to 30 minutes.


Ride this bus nearby the Arrivals Hall in the bus station of each terminal.


Estimated fares are IDR 40,000. It is without a doubt the cheapest way to get to downtown.

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket to the ticket counters or on board to the driver.