Jakarta Airport to city train

Airport Rail Link

From July 2017 it is expected to begin service the high speed rail link between Jakarta Airport and downtown by the Soekarno – Hatta International Airport train station. The station will be able to accommodate over 3,500 passengers.

It will connect passengers from Jakarta Airport to Sudirman Baru Station in central Jakarta within 45 minutes; rather fast than other means of transport due to the daily traffic jams that suffers Jakarta.

The following services will be available in the train station: commercial area, restrooms, prayer room, public hall, ticket counters and there will be a link to the Skytrain station.


The Jakarta Airport train station is located in an integrated building in front of the Main Power System building, in Terminal 3. Passengers will be able to get there from the terminals by the free of charge SkyTrain.


Regarding fares, it is estimated to cost around IDR 100,000 – IDR 150,000 to transfer from Jakarta Airport to downtown.

Where do I buy my ticket?

Tickets will be available through Railink’s website and app, and also on site by the vending machines in the station hall.