Jakarta Airport - Car Rental


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If you seek for a more independent way to move through Jakarta, the best option for you is without any doubt to hire a car.

Driving through Jakarta may be hectic and stressful since local drivers don’t usually respect road signs and especially at night, they tend to skip red lights, among other infractions.


See attached the available car hire companies in Jakarta Airport:

- Avis: +62 8118152727
- Cipaganti Rent Car: +62 812 99129591
- PT. Sabah Nusantara: +62 813 10028578
- Globe Rent Car: +62 21 93781111

Opening hours: 24 hours.


Find car rental companies in the ground level of the Airport Terminals and nearby some of the car parks of Jakarta Airport.

Online car rental

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Renting a car in Indonesia – Tips and advices

- To be able to drive in Indonesia you should possess an International Driver’s License, along with your local driver’s license, vehicle registration and certificate of insurance.

- Keep your belongings out of sight since many robberies take place.

- Many car rental companies will apply some restrictions regarding driving across countries or state borders. If you are planning to do that, consider to be charged for this.

- In Indonesia traffic moves on the left hand side and overtake on the right.

- Roads in the country tend to be narrow and driving can be especially difficult if you are not used to it. You’ll also have to deal with the parked vehicles which restricts the road space.

- It is recommended to hire a driver along with your vehicle if you are not used to drive in any Asian country before. It can be a nightmare, especially at night, since locals during the night time tend to unfollow the traffic rules. Also, some roads are on a very poor condition, so driving tends to be quite tiring and slow.